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  • 執筆者の写真AJ Glass

日本拳法 - Nihon Kempo


I was studying abroad in Kyoto, Japan, and I was searching for my next martial art.

I was walking through the line-up of dojos they had in an old gym. One area had Judo going on, the next was Kendo, and then I found something that I never expected. Fighters in full armor, fighting full-contact using punches, kicks, knees, judo throws, and jiu-jitsu . I couldn’t even fully understand what I was looking at. I asked the other students if I could join their next training, and they welcomed me without hesitation.

Little did I know what I had walked into. They taught me how to wear the armor, and explained the few restrictions like low kicks and body slamming, but that was it. No holding back. You can strike your opponent 100% with a very low chance of injury. I’m not saying that there is no pain, but it is an art that allows you to truly test your abilities without the worry of hurting yourself or others. I had found something lifelong.

The dojo I belong to, Byakkokai, has taught me so much in the ways of martial arts and discipline. Throughout the years, they have become like family, and it’s thanks to them that I have reached the level I have reached until now.

Nihon Kempo is quite unknown to many martial artists, but I hope that I can show the world how practical and safe it is. I hope that all those reading will take the time to check out what Nihon Kempo is all about.

My dream one day, is to open my own dojo. I will make it happen! Thank you for reading!



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